RAD (Rare As Dodos) Report

"Exgays are as rare as dodo birds" Providing proof that Wayne Besen is a liar.

Wayne Besen’s lie: “Exgays are as rare as the dodo bird”

be seen“There was never going to be an actual ‘Ex-gay Pride Month’ because ex-gays are as rare as the Dodo bird,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. [link to comment]

On July 15, the director of  Truth Wins Out made a stunning assertion that exgays are “as rare as the Dodo bird”. His comment was intended to underscore an often repeated claim that  “real” former homosexuals don’t exist.

Besen, a gay activist living in the tiny state of Vermont, extracted his unsubstantiated analogy from the story of the now extinct “dodo bird”.

In 1598, Portuguese sailors landing on the shores of the island of Mauritius discovered a previously unknown species of bird, the Dodo. They dubbed the bird “dodo” (meaning something similar to a simpleton in the Portuguese tongue).  By 1681, due to human killing and feral animals brought to the island, the last dodo perished forever. None has been seen on planet earth since that time.

Are exhomosexuals extinct? Mr. Besen says they are.  Not one exhomosexual to be found anywhere in the whole world? Not according to Wayne Besen. Perhaps this is just the ranting of an unstable mind so full of hate for exgays  that its caused Mr. Besen to live in a state of denial.

So in an effort to educate Mr. Besen and his group of like minded followers, the RAD (Rare As Dodos) Report was born. The purpose of this blog is simple:  to present proof that Wayne Besen is a liar. We’ll prove this by posting unscripted videos of a real former gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders in their own words telling their personal stories of change.  And we’ll tag Mr. Besen on every post — with some reminders about lying— until he either recants his lie or be faced with an insurmountable record affirming the truth.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler


5 comments on “Wayne Besen’s lie: “Exgays are as rare as the dodo bird”

  1. Carol
    August 25, 2013

    This is the most awesome news I ever heard in quite a long time! I guess Wayne is a DODO and in french that means he is soooo deeply asleep, his brain is at least. Wake up Wayne we still love you and want you to see the REAL TRUTH THAT WINS OUT!

  2. Wayne Besen
    August 29, 2013


    I do appreciate this catalog of closet cases. I want them to know that when they are ready to stop hating themselves, I am here to help them come out of the closet.

    What I see are sad people who are captive to a false form of fundamentalist Christianity that hates LGBT people.

    Folks, there is a better version of Christianity — one that is about true love, not the hate promoted on this goofy website.

    Don’t ever hesitate to be yourself. Love yourself. Gay is good — and don’t let any of these creeps tell you otherwise.

    You can be proud of who you truly are, not who others demand that you be.

    Than you, and I look forward to the day you all are out and proud. As sure as the sun rises and sets, this is the final outcome.

    • veritology
      August 30, 2013

      You speak in a lot of generalities. When you are a liar faced with the truth, generalities are a safe place to ride out the confrontation.

  3. veritology
    September 3, 2013

    sorry, Mr. Besen, the only thing we’ll be talking about here is your nonstop lies and proving that you are living in a world of dodobird poop.

  4. Henning
    September 17, 2013

    It’s the quality that counts, not the quantity

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