RAD (Rare As Dodos) Report

"Exgays are as rare as dodo birds" Providing proof that Wayne Besen is a liar.

Wayne Besen and the House of Fallacious Cards II

Exhomosexual archenemy Wayne Besen stars in the sequel of House of Fallacious Cards. The plot centers on Besen and his simple minded progay student’s use of the fallacy of propositional … Continue reading

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RAD14: Another blow to Wayne Besen’s Lies Lose Out organization

We round out this week with a young man named Michaelangelo Gutierrez, a game advisor who lives in Albuquerque. Michaelangelo says he didn’t grow up knowing anything about God or … Continue reading

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RAD13: An EXStud educates Wayne Besen

Hailing from beautiful St Louis, Jackie Hill used to identify herself as a lesbian stud. That’s subculture terminology for a woman who acts and performs sexually as a man in … Continue reading

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RAD12: Wayne Besen come out of your dodo bird fantasy

Mark Servillano, Jr lives in Whittier, CA with Irene, his beautiful wife of four years. Mark is an average guy currently focused on writing a book. Despite many average American … Continue reading

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RAD11: NYC Mayoral candidate’s EXlesbian wife commands attention

She looks real to RAD, Wayne Besen. Maybe you should put your glasses on and watch this video of her being interviewed just a couple of days ago by the … Continue reading

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RAD10: The cure to Wayne Besen’s lie

Ty Weiss is a husband and counselor with a degree from Liberty University.  He lives in Indianapolis with Rachel, his wife of five years. Like millions of other homosexuals who … Continue reading

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Now showing! Wayne Besen and the House of Fallacious Cards

The association fallacy consists of promoting an opinion or philosophy by recounting the values a specific person or a group that held that opinion or philosophy.  The sheer stupidity of … Continue reading

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